Data Scientist

Do you believe machines will talk to humans some day?

Job description

Do you believe machines will talk to humans some day?

If your answer is no, please, you might learn what Siri, Google Now or Cortana are. After that, you might change your opinion. If you do, keep reading.

Do you believe machines will show intelligence beyond simple and common knowledge as where can you find a restaurant?

If the answer is no, you should think that the first computer was created during the last century and no evolved monkey should have thought it would exist. Hope this will not offend Doctor Zaius. If you still believe in human intelligence after this comment, keep reading.

Do you believe machines will anticipate your actions even if you do not even know that you are going to make that same actions?

If the answer is no, I suggest you should not look for this kind of job position. If you do, keep reading.

The real question is: Could you create an automatic system which speaks with humans, learn about them and their environment and tells them what they want or what they should not do? If your answer is a big YES, but still you think you need a good team to do it, then you might be interested in joining the data science team in Séntisis.

The role of our data science team is to generate automatic systems to obtain this intelligent insights. This is done through sentiment models, business-oriented categorization, theme and entity extraction, topic disambiguation, any kind of model to precept or optimize the different variables involved in the decisions, etc.

As we do not have enough hands for so many GloVes we want the best data scientists with expertise in language to join our team. We are looking for versatile people with knowledge in theoretical and applied machine learning. Expertise in any of the following areas would be specially valued.

  • Virtual agents, chatbots and smartbots. (we need to speak properly)
  • Machine learning translation (we need to reach every heart in the world)
  • Predictive systems (we need to know it before happening)

We offer a competitive salary and the possibility of developing innovation projects (20% of your working time) and the possibility of working from our offices in Gran Vía in Madrid or in the warmer city of Málaga in the South coast of Spain.

Minimum Qualifications

  • PhD in Machine learning or similar.
  • +2 years experience in Data Science / Analytics projects.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Python
  • Amazon Web services
  • Big data technologies such as Spark
  • We need you to understand product needs as well as technology uses and limitations in order to improve your designs

Working languages: English/Spanish

About Séntisis

Séntisis is the Natural Language Intelligence platform. Through our language AI technology, we automatically categorize text customer information detecting actionable insights like churn, customer complaints, customer questions, etc. We work with customers such as Santander, IKEA, Heineken, Universal Music, FNAC, Bein Sports that use our platform to improve their marketing strategy, locate possible PR crisis, identify new business opportunities or improve retention.

After 4 years expertise in analyzing Social Media comments to extract intelligent insights, we recently opened commercially our semantic technology API, a layer to understand text in any language. This Language AI API is a recently born area called

Our vision is that the global industry needs a layer on top of NLP that understands text in the same way that humans do (or even better). In order to meet that goal, we have developed a unique algorithm to detect semantic patterns in text which allow customers to work with customized categories that are semi-automatically generated and analyzed for different verticals like Customer Success, Chatbots, Security & Fraud or Document Classification.

Our headquarters are in Spain (with offices in Madrid and Málaga) and we also have offices in México, Colombia, Chile and Perú. We are a 40 people multidisciplinary team that includes data scientists, linguists, engineers, designers, creatives, marketers, sales professionals, all engaged in our vision to understand human language through technology. Our team values are eagerness, honesty, innovation and quality. We believe that there is no limit for our ambition as a team or for personal growth inside Séntisis and we achieve that through teamwork and transparency, constant entrepreneurial spirit and being result driven.

Séntisis has raised $2M total funding from leading investors in Spain (JME, AXON) and Silicon Valley (500startups, Startcaps ventures).